Nomad Beat

Welcome to the Scottish Borders Music Hub !!!

Our Services

Nomad Beat is a registered charity based in Peebles in the Scottish Borders with a passionate team of skilled music educators who deliver services to people of all ages and needs through in-house and outreach activities and events. Select one of our key services or view all of our services to learn more about what we do.

Music Lessons

Study at Nomad Beat for ABRSM or Trinity exams or simply learn a new instrument for fun with our committed tutors who are hand picked for their effective communication skills, energy, patience and passion for music.

Outreach Sessions

Our tutors help people of all ages and abilities unlock the therapeutic benefits of music during outreach sessions they deliver to a range of groups in our local community.

Events and Groups

Nomad Beat tutors, staff and volunteers bring their love of music to the people of the Scottish Borders in a varied programme of performances, groups and sessions.

The full Nomad Beat event calendar will be coming here soon!

About Nomad Beat

We run our operations from our studios in Peebles with a fabulous team of tutors, staff, and volunteers who have kept the Nomad Beat dream alive since our creation by our founder, Alison Cameron, in 2010.

Our community hub for learning, practicing, and performing music is a second home to our many students and hard-working tutors. When our tutors aren’t busy giving lessons, they also somehow manage to find the time to perform and deliver music outreach sessions to the communities of the Scottish Borders.

Our story is still being written, thanks to our dedicated staff, tutors and volunteers. If you would like to get involved then please get in touch!

Testimonials from our students

“Nomad Beat has allowed me to express my musical talent to the fullest. They've given me the opportunity to learn under incredibly talented tutors, to perform in public and opened doors for me to play in national competitions. I've recently received an offer to study Performance at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland next year, and it’s because of Nomad Beat that I'm now able to follow my dream and study for a career in music.”
Michael Gemmell (Pianist)
“Everyone at Nomad Beat is really kind and encouraging - they’re always there to help when you need it. This year my singing teacher encouraged me to sing in our local Rotary Young Musician competition - I was very nervous but I won and got through to the next round!”
Roderick Kennedy (Vocalist)
“I felt well and happy afterwards. I was seriously ill when I first came to a session and now I feel well enough to be planning to go back to work. I have been away from work for several months due to mental health problems. These sessions have really helped my recovery”
A Breaking Sound Barriers Project user